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We delivers high quality new promotional ideas , norwood promotional products, business corporate gifts and custom made products to global markets, with our specialized staff in throughout Asia including design and inventions team in China. We provide high quality, low cost sourcing and manufacturing solutions with our exclusive manufacturing partners in China.

over 10,000 products are currently listed on our database; range of new and innovative products expands daily. We can customize and develop any new products according to your promotional needs . Member of ppai , upic , sage , asi supplier.

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The growing trend, for labor-intensive products, is to source them from China. It may surprise you, but the US is currently purchasing over $85 billion in quality Chinese products each year. Virtually every major consumer products company in America is sourcing at least part of their product line from China. If you start looking at the “made in” labels on US and Japanese brands, you'll see that many are actually produced in China. And the reason is simple China has the labor rates and technical know-how to produce virtually any product for “pennies on the dollar” compared to US sourced products.

Import from China and Manufactured in China product ranging from engineered machinery items, casting, injection mouldings, wood and steel furniture, promotional items through to paper products , To bringing the cost advantages of sourcing Manufactured in China products to companies of ALL sizes with ongoing business. Import from Chinese using the exclusive door-to door services of China Direct . Today!